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Design, Erection, commissioning and manufacturer for Reverse Osmosis Plant , Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant - Pune - Mumbai - Aurangabad - Maharashtra.

Products We Offer

Reverse Osmosis Systems

We Aqua Fresh Tech offer wide range of Reverse Osmosis Systems for treating water for domestic and industrial purposes. RO systems we offer are based on osmosis technology which enables water to flow from semi permeable membrane from high concentration section to low concentration section. We offer Reverse Osmosis Systems from most simplistic application like drinking water purposes to most complex effluent treatment systems.

Range of Reverse Osmosis Systems we offer

From 50 LPH to 20,000 LPH

Key Products

  • 100 LPH RO Plant
  • 250 LPH RO Plant
  • 500 LPH RO Plant
  • 1000 LPH RO Plant
  • 2000 LPH RO Plant

Water Treatment Plant

We Aqua Fresh Tech offer wide range of Water Treatment Systems for treating water for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. Water Treatment is very essential now days as, many of water bodies and water sources are contaminated or adulterated to some extent with human interference. We help commercial and industrial institutions to maintain the required water quality for various applications.

Water Treatment Systems we offer

  • Pressure Sand Filter (PSF)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)
  • Iron Removal Filter
  • Water Softener
  • De-mineralization Plant (DM Plant)
  • De-alkylization Plant
  • Ultra Filtration Plant ( UF )

Sewage Treatment Plant

Aqua Fresh Tech offer variety of Sewage Treatment Plants based on latest cutting edge technologies like Activated Sludge Process ( ASP ), Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor ( MBBR ) , Membrane Bio Reactor ( MBR ) and Fluidized Media Reactor ( FMR ). Offered Sewage Treatment Plant’s are available in both conventional ( Civil Type ) and Packaged ( Containerized Type ) .

Capacity  – 1 KLD   – 5000 KLD