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Apple CrystaRO+UV+UF+TDS+Mneral+Alkaline+PH enhancer 12 Stage RO

Apple Crysta advantages :-

1.10 Stage water purifier that purify any kind of water.
2.It has Mineral Cartridge to maintain essential  minerals in water.
3. It has magnetic softner to minimize the Iron level in water.
4. It has Anti-scallant Balls that  reduces the level of hardness in water and enhance the life of membrane.
5. Give 100% Safe & Pure drinking Water for your family.
6. Hygienic water for baby milk & food.
7. No need to purchase expensive mineral water.
8. Easy to maintain.
9. Enhances taste of drinking water.
10. Great testing tea, coffee & cold drinks.

Features & Specifications :

1. Wall-mount cum Counter-top 10 Stage water purifier.
2. RO + UV+UF+TDS Technology with mineral cartridge, PH enhancer, magnetic softener and anti-scaling balls.
3. Anti-bacteria 3-in-1 Silver Dozer, Taste Conditioner
and Activated Carbon as post treatment of RO, to
enhance the shelf life & taste of water.
4. Computer controlled fully Automatic Operations.
5. UV Failed light that shows you the Ultra Violet (UV) lamp is not in function to alert you the possibility of impure water from the equipment.
6. In-built storage tank of capacity: 10 ltrs with purified water level indicator.
7. Flushing system to flush out impurities & to enhance
membrane life.
8. Built-in SMPS to operate from 120~280 V AC for
erratic voltage supply.
9. Fully automatic water level cut-off with Auto-start /
10. Purification Capacity: Up to 15 lph†
11.Purify any source of water Like underground water, bore-well, overhead storage tank & municipal tap water.
12.Push – fit Connectors for leak proof performance & longer life.

1Purification capacity12-15* Litres per hour *
2Max Duty Cycle120 liters per Day
3Storage Tank Capacity10 Litres
4 12 stages Purification .·         Pre-Candle,

·         Antiscalant balls,

·         Sediment Cartridge,

·         Activated Carbon,

·         RO,

·         UF,

·         UV System,

·         TDS Minimizer,

·         Mineral Cartridge ,

·         Magnetic SV

·         Alkaline

·         PH Enhancer

5RO Membrane1812-75 GPD
6UV Lamp Power11 Watt
7Minimum Inlet  Water Pressure0.3 kg/sq cm
8Maximum Inlet water Pressure2 kg/sq cm ( if input water pressure is more than 2kg/sq cm , install PRV before the Unit)
9Input Voltage160-300V  AC ( 50Hz)
10Operating Voltage24V DC
11Input water TemperatureMin 5 Celsius & Max 50 Celsius
12Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)Up to 2000 ppm
13Total Hardness600  ppm (max)
14Rejection of TDSUp to 95%
15RecoveryUp to 25%
16Dimensions   (mm) L 415  W 265  H 524
17Net Weight9.5 kgs.
18Power rating40W

* Purification output capacity tested on raw water with TDS level of 750 ppm at room temperature